Meet Our Fellows

Creating the next generation of community leaders.

“My name is Agnes Tumusiime. I’m a Rose Uganda Fellow and am anxious to learn more about our educational programs so I can teach others how to live a healthy life.”

“My name is Sarah Naturinda and I’m a Rose Uganda Fellow. I am passionate about improving the lives of others by engaging in
community education programs.”

“My name is Brenda Kifuko.
I am Hard of Hearing and
a proud Fellow in Rose
Uganda Fellowship Program.
I have a university degree
in guidance & counseling
and am anxious to use my
skills to help save lives.”

“My name is Reagan Muhame and I’m a Rose Uganda Fellow. I am a self-driven and dedicated health care provider. I am committed to providing healthcare knowledge to rural women so that they will know how to best care for their children.”

“My name is Kasule Muhammed and a proud Rose Uganda Fellow. I firmly believe that education is the way to develop self-esteem. I am also a rapper and use my artistic skills to bring life to my stories.”

“My name is Jamidah Tamusuza and a proud Rose Uganda Fellow. I am an experienced researcher and plan to utilize my analytical skills in program development.”

“My name is Mastulah Nalubwama and a proud Rose Uganda Project Leader for Wakiso District. I am responsible for overseeing our work in the clinics as we teach young mothers how to care for their newborns.”

“My name is Yusuf Kayanja and I’m a proud fellow of Rose Uganda Fellowship Program. I am interested in learning more about research and am committed to bringing healthcare information to the rural community members.”

“My name is Haidar Luboobi and I am a Nutritionist by Profession. I am working with Rose Uganda Fellowship Program to bring in good nutritional guidance for young women so that we can reduce stunting of growth and malnutrition of newborns.”

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