Healthy for Life

Healthy for Life

Healthy for Life Program is a Huge Success!

Healthy for Life Team

It’s been just a little over a year since we began our Healthy for Life program. Since that first day of introducing our healthcare programs to out of school young mothers, we have 60 graduating community leaders that are now equipped with knowledge how to teach others. This remarkable program was made possible through a grant through AstraZeneca’s Young Health Programme. We are indebted to their support that has made a substantial difference in these young women’s lives.

Why your donation counts.

Now, you can join us as we begin Part II of this amazing program. With your support, we will reach out to an additional 30 young ladies that will learn about nutrition, vegetable gardening, feminine healthcare and much more. They will be the next community leaders in another impoverished community. Your contribution will save lives!

Your donation will support families with disabled children.

Your donation is the key to open the door of knowledge that saves lives. Thank you!