About Us

Since 2014, Rose Academies has been working with the rural poor in Sub Saharan Africa with our guiding principles of social justice, human rights and education as the basis for positive change. We are advocates of the Sustainable Development Goals that were developed to bring equity in policies and programs to benefit all people in the world regardless of religious beliefs, ethnicity, gender, or abilities.

Saving Lives with Education

Since our founding we have dedicated our efforts to improve access to healthcare education so that innocent children will live beyond 28 days of life. Our fellowship program was developed in mid 2020 specifically to bring healthcare knowledge to remote, rural areas. Almost 4 years later, we have successfully taught 8,000+ women, adolescents and disabled persons how to improve their health and wellness with our multiple educational programs.

Every 16 Minutes A Baby Dies

Who are we? We are educators. We empower oppressed women, adolescents, and the disabled by sharing the gift of knowledge so that children will live and families will thrive.

Teaching Neonatal Health to Young Mothers

All of us at Rose Academies are firmly committed to our charter, mission and focus. We do not feed fish that lasts for a day, rather we teach how to fish that will last a lifetime.