About Us

Saving Lives With Education

Since 2014, Rose Academies has been working with the rural poor in Central and Eastern Africa with our guiding principles of social justice, human rights and education for all as the basis for positive change.

We are advocates of the Sustainable Development Goals that were developed to bring equity in policies and programs to benefit all people in the world regardless of religious beliefs, ethnicity, gender, or abilities. We are proud of our commitment to educate the illiterate, to support the disabled and to close the gap to healthcare access.

Who are we? We are educators. We empower with knowledge so that communities will thrive and children will live.

Teaching Neonatal Health to Young Mothers

In 2019, we achieved Special Consultative Status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council which gives us a seat at the table of high level meetings regarding global affairs, health, and education. 

52.2 Million Reasons Why We Empower

All of us at Rose Academies are firmly committed to our charter, mission and focus. We are educators. We do not diagnose, nor do we dispense medications. How do we help communities to improve their health and welfare? It’s simple. We teach.

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