Rose Uganda Creative Arts Team

#RecoveredHealthyAndProud Music and the arts bring an awareness campaign to life. Introducing our newest chapter: Rose Uganda Creative Arts Team (RUCAT) is comprised of artisans with a diversity of creative skills. Their awareness campaign will tackle the increasing use of alcohol and drugs with their talents in music, dance and the arts. Stay tuned as their campaign develops and follow us on your favorite social media channel.

Rose BBQ Benefit

Satisfaction Guaranteed! After more than a year of isolation and social distancing, we are excited to welcome you to our BBQ Fundraiser as we celebrate our 7 year birthday at our corporate office in Santa Clara. You will be treated to a delicious BBQ luncheon provided by Smokin’ Joe’s BQ, featuring all your favorites, including: Beef Tritip, Pork Ribs, Chicken, Vegetarian Entrees and more! And That’s Just The Beginning! After enjoying a delicious lunch, you […]

Empowering PWDs with Healthcare Knowledge

Workshops that are truly inclusive bring smiles to disabled persons in Gweri Sub County. Beginning in early 2021, Rose Uganda PWDs Chapter began providing persons with disabilities in remote villages of Gweri Sub County a comprehensive health and nutrition program in an effort to reduce malnutrition and preventable deaths of children. Lessons include workshops on nutrition, maternal & child health, family planning, WASH, general healthcare and reusable pad production classes. Rose Academies – Uganda believes […]

Fellowship Program dedicated to Saving Lives

Revolutionary approach to healthcare education is set to tackle high infant mortality rates. Wakiso, Uganda, August 20, 2020: Rose Academies – Uganda announced the launch of a unique fellowship program that will bring healthcare education using state-of-the-art technology into rural communities that lack internet access.    Every year millions of infants die before they reach 28 days of life, primarily from preventable causes. Rose Uganda Fellowship Program was specifically developed to address this and other […]

Saving Lives with Education

A revolutionary and comprehensive neonatal healthcare program is saving lives. Kanungu, Uganda, September 14, 2020: Rose Academies – Uganda today announced the signing of an agreement with the District Health Offices in Kanungu to provide pregnant women and new mothers with our comprehensive healthcare program. Our objectives are to reduce the high number of neonatal deaths that are currently taking a Ugandan infant’s life every 16 minutes. These innocent children’s lives can be saved by […]

It began with a story…

Over 2 years ago, a visit to a rural village in Uganda to beta test a reproductive health program, set the foundation to a revolutionary healthcare education program. The beta testing of an application program was a complete success. Why? Because the application program was easy to navigate and featured simple graphics and vocabulary that was easy to understand. *Hedhi Help is a sexual development application program that was developed by Santa Clara University’s Frugal Innovation Hub. As […]

Don’t be fooled! Get the Facts!

Editorial In today’s global pandemic, myths, mistruths and misinformation are running rampant. People around the world are frightened and are desperate for information about COVID19 and what it means to their loved ones and themselves. The truth is we are all afraid. This pandemic is something that none of us has ever experienced in our lives, and hopefully will never see again. At Rose Academies, we believe in the empowerment of knowledge. Not mistruths. Not […]

Removing All Doubts

People often ask me “what was the most memorable moment during your last trip to Africa?”   Without a doubt, I will forever remember when a Deaf teenage girl, who was severely scarred on half of her head, knelt down before me in gratitude to receive two of our volunteer made, washable sanitary pads. We all have experienced those moments when we doubt that we are traveling on the right path.  Mine came to me […]

Keeping Girls in School Every day. Period.

February 25, 2016 In January our package finally arrived – a bit tattered but in one piece. Excitement filled the air as the girls waited impatiently to see the contents of this mysterious package from America. The girls squealed with delight as their teacher, Parchibell Feka, opened the box to reveal over a dozen dignity kits containing washable sanitary pads, panties, and a bar of soap. While Ms. Feka was distributing the pads, one of the boys in the class stated that he […]

The Forgotten

Her name is Dorika and she is 6. When Dorika’s mother was 3 months pregnant, Congolese rebels raped her and then raped her again when she was 8 months along. Forced to flee into Uganda, she delivered little Dorika in the jungle and was on the run for several months.  By the time Dorika received medical attention she was 5 months old. Today, Dorika suffers from brain damage as a result of the trauma, cries […]