Disease Prevention
Ending Preventable Deaths of Children

Ending Preventable Deaths of Children

Did you know that every 16 minutes a Ugandan baby dies before they reach 28 days of life?

Our educational programs were specifically developed to close the gap of inaccessible healthcare knowledge that has caused too many needless deaths for far too long. Our fellows teach young mothers and pregnant women how to feed and care for their infants with one-on-one trainings using our proven effective neonatal healthcare and nutrition programs.

Entering the 3rd year of our Rose Uganda Fellowship Program, we are proving that a new approach to teaching the rural poor is working.

Our fellows are trained to teach healthcare lessons using Android application programs that were developed by our partners at Santa Clara University College of Arts & Sciences and Frugal Innovation Labs.  These application programs allow our fellows to carry a wealth of healthcare knowledge into a rural community simply by using an Android tablet.

Omwana Thrive, Hedhi Help, and Healthy Future application programs are teacher’s tools for our fellows as they teach neonatal health, nutrition, reproductive health, and disease prevention in our efforts to reduce malnutrition and preventable deaths.

Our mission is, and always has been, to remove the barriers that keep the oppressed uneducated. Rose Uganda Fellows are breaking down barriers, empowering with knowledge and saving lives a village at a time.