YouLearn Academies

Tell a Story – Save a Life

YouLearn Academies was developed specifically as an educational resource center of materials for those with low reading comprehension or learning disabilities. Our primary objective is to provide organizations, agencies, and NGOs the necessary materials to educate vulnerable and oppressed individuals about the severity of untreated disease so that infants and children will live and families will thrive.

Developed as a collaborative effort between our partners at Texas A&M University School of Public Health, Santa Clara University’s Schools of Engineering, Frugal Innovation Labs, and College of Arts and Sciences, YouLearn Academies offers the unique opportunity for those working in rural settings to access easy-to-understand educational materials about life-threatening diseases, reproductive health, chronic illnesses, disorders, feminine health and much, much more.

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Easy-to-understand Healthcare Booklets

All of our storybooks and application programs were carefully created by public health students from Santa Clara University and Texas A&M University.

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