The Power of Collaboration

We believe in the power of collaboration as the means to achieve our goals to educate the illiterate and empower the weak and vulnerable with knowledge. Our working partners are proof that “Together We Can”. It is an honor and privilege to work with all of these outstanding individuals, institutions and organizations that are dedicated to making the world a better place to live.

Welcome our new partner: SIRP Nigeria!

We are so thrilled to enter a partnership with Society for the Improvement of Rural People in Nigeria (SIRP-Nigeria). Founded in 1988, SIRP was established to alleviate poverty in the rural communities of Nigeria. They are committed in their advocacy to be the voice of the less privileged and continuously work to empower the vulnerable segments of society with training, research and project implementation.

SIRP-Nigeria’s principles and integrity are the reason we pursued a shared partnership so that the rural poor might benefit from those programs we have experienced success and likewise share SIRP’s successes with our beneficiaries in Uganda. This partnership is just another example of the power of collaboration as we work together to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals of 2030.

Santa Clara University Frugal Innovation Hub

If it wasn’t for the efforts of Santa Clara University Frugal Innovation Hub, Rose Academies wouldn’t be where we are today. With their innovative design and development, we are taking technology into impoverished, rural clinics and communities that lack internet access.

SCU Engineering students demonstrate their new application program.

Beginning with Hedhi Help (a sexual develoment and MHM program), our programs have grown to include OmwanaThrive (neonatal health), Healthy Future (a compilation of healthcare booklets), and Rose MicroFinance App. Their continued support is changing the way healthcare is being taught in far off corners of the world.

Santa Clara University College of Arts and Sciences

Santa Clara University College of Arts & Sciences has been instrumental in the development of our revolutionary healthcare application programs. As noted above, Hedhi Help and OmwanaThrive application programs are changing the way we teach feminine health and are proving successful in the multiple regions where we work.

Texas A&M University – School of Public Health

Our partnership with Texas A&M has resulted in the development of our YouLearn library of disease prevention and healthcare booklets. Starting with a simple community service project, hundreds of undergrad students have created storybooks to teach illiterate rural community members about the severity of untreated diseases.

Our ongoing relationship with multiple working partners supports and reinforces our commitment to provide equal access to education, healthcare services, and employment opportunities for all persons regardless of their ethnicities, religious beliefs, gender or abilities.

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