Persons with Disabilities

Integrating education into healthcare services

We take education seriously. We are the support group for overworked and underpaid community health workers and clinicians. We are the means to change attitudes and behaviors that will reduce life altering diseases, malnutrition and preventable deaths by teaching how to make healthy choices.

We are inclusive in all our workshops which enables confidence building for everyone.

Bringing the classroom to the village for those who have been left behind.

Our workshops in Soroti District have been gaining popularity as we travel to remote villages and teach about sexual and reproductive health, family planning, menstrual health & hygiene, how to make reusable pads, improving nutrition using nutritious grains, vegetable gardening and more.

Our key team leader, Simon Atodu, tells us what the women told him after our nutrition workshop.

“The mothers were very happy and thankful for Rose Uganda’s love for them. They say their lives and their children are going to be changed seriously.”

Simon Atodu

Our objective is to educate the most vulnerable and marginalized; our goal is to save lives.

Girls from Gweri Sub County are happy to learn how to make reusable pads.

Since our founding, Rose Academies-Uganda has been committed to the provision of equal access to education, healthcare, and services for the disabled population.

Proud participants of our Reusable Pad Production Workshop.