Rose Uganda Fellowship Program

Saving Lives With Knowledge

Millions of infants die every year before they reach 28 days of life, primarily from preventable causes. This startling fact is not new information, rather this has been ongoing for generations and is a direct result of a lack of education.

Rose Uganda Fellowship Program was developed specifically to address this and other concerns that exist in rural Africa. This unique fellowship program opens the door of opportunity for all Ugandan youth, inclusive of the disabled, to become community leaders that can, and will promote sustainable community development.

Many organizations talk about finding ways to bring technology into remote, rural areas, improve healthcare access and how to promote career development for rural youth, but we are doing it with effective collaboration and strong partnerships.

A revolutionary program that addresses multiple concerns:

  • Assists Community Healthcare Workers with our educational programs
  • Provides a wealth of easy to understand healthcare knowledge into remote areas, using state of the art technology that does not rely on internet access
  • Provides a platform for youth to become educators and researchers
  • Brings the classroom to the village that has previously been excluded due to their remote location, benefitting families’ health and welfare
  • Includes the disabled population in program participation

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Leaving No One Behind
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