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We Keep UHC at the Forefront of our Advocacy

Every 16 minute campaign advocates for UHC or equal access to healthcare education.

Why Every 16 Minutes? Every 16 minutes a child’s life is lost. Infant mortality rates are higher in rural communities for a variety of reasons including lack of access to healthcare information and services.

The high rate of malnourished children was the driving force that led us to the development of a fully integrated, comprehensive healthcare/nutrition program specifically designed for the rural poor. With the help of our Rose Uganda Fellows, we take healthcare educational programs into remote, rural areas and teach.

Since we began our educational programs, children’s health is improving and cases of malnutrition are slowly going down. News of our workshops has generated multiple requests for classes, but, in order to meet the demand, we need your help.

For every $20, a mother will learn about the importance of providing adequate and good nutrition for her child. Our goal is to reach 1,000 new mothers so that they too can have a healthy family which in turn creates healthier communities.

Annet watches as a Rose Uganda Fellow gives her child fortified porridge.

Annet, a village woman from Kikondo, tells our staff:

My baby was sickly and could not walk before I went to the workshop. They showed me how to fortify porridge and now she is very healthy. Thank you Rose Uganda!

Annet, mother of sick child, Kikondo

Join us and let’s stop children from dying for lack of healthcare knowledge.

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