Rose Uganda Vocational Skills Training Center

This graduation ceremony speaks for itself as 71 graduates celebrate new skills acquisition!

71 graduates proudly pose for their group photo.

71 graduates from our vocational training program raise their caps in celebration of this wonderful moment. Our vocational skills training center is unique as we provide free instruction to families with disabled persons. Once impoverished and lacking skills to bring in an income, our graduates tell us how this simple program has saved their lives.

A graduation ceremony isn’t complete without cake! Everyone joined in to cut this beautiful cake that was made by our baking students.

We took a moment for a photo op as we congratulated our instructors for a job well done.

We are indebted to our course instructors who are helping their students to have newfound dignity and sense of self worth.

A disabled father expresses his gratitude for our vocational program. As a disabled person, he was devastated when his daughter came home and announced that she was pregnant. When he heard that class instruction was free for families with disabled persons, he was overjoyed. He exclaimed: “You have made such a difference in our lives and we are grateful.”

Our tailoring classes, led by Ms. Grace, are showing exceptional talent as young ladies learn how to create beautiful garments for men, women and children.

Students at our baking classes in Gweri and Awaliwal are expanding their list of baked goodies to include donuts and chapati!

Each one of these success stories have been made possible by your support. Your contribution will help us to continue providing these classes and giving hope to those who had none.