Nutrition for Life

Our nutrition lessons are based upon the proven successful 5 year project of USAID funded: Uganda Community Connector Project, implemented by FHI360. Our program is led by Nutritionist, Mr. Haidar Luboobi, who not only was involved in USAID’s project, but who has contributed his knowledge and experience so that our beneficiaries have the best of instruction on this important subject.

We believe in sustainable solutions.

Our programs teach the rural poor how to have improved health by changing behaviors. If children are malnourished, we teach mothers how to fortify porridge using readily available grains. If there is little water for irrigation, we teach how to conserve water by planting in a containerized approach. For food insecurity, we show how to grow leafy greens so families will eat adequate amount of iron rich foods.

Our methods are simple. The results are huge. A measurement of our success is based on the lives we have changed. 

Villagers learn how to make a raised bed garden.
Everyone helps
The frame is completed.

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