Our board of directors is the backbone of our organization and is the key to our success. Their cultural diversity and years of experience contribute to the development of our programs that empower the most vulnerable and oppressed individuals in the world.

Susan Stasi
Susan Stasi

Susan Stasi, CEO, Rose Academies

Susan Stasi is the CEO of Rose Academies, a globally recognized humanitarian agency that is established in Uganda, Eastern Africa. Since 2014, she has spearheaded multiple campaigns that address the disparities of health and wellness of impoverished communities in an effort to empower the oppressed, vulnerable and disabled with knowledge while reducing preventable deaths of children.

A firm believer in collaboration and cooperative teamwork, her drive and determination have united multiple institutions of higher learning and community based partners in the development of innovative technologies that are changing the way we teach the illiterate, uneducated rural poor.

Ms. Stasi’s concept of a fellowship program for Uganda’s young adults has proven to be a sustainable solution for career seeking youth and an indispensable working partner for poorly supported health clinics and workers.

She holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from San Jose State University, Magna Cum Laude, concentration on Foreign Languages and DSCTE California Teaching Credential from U.C.Berkeley.

Carol Buchser

Carol Buchser, Secretary/Treasurer, Rose Academies

Carol Buchser has been Rose Academies’ Board Secretary since its founding in 2014 and has been instrumental in the growth of our organization to an internationally recognized leader in educational programs for the vulnerable and oppressed populations found in LMICs.

Ms. Buchser has an extensive background in a diversity of sectors which include education, technology, and investor relations. She spent years teaching in the public school system that led her to a position as Associate Research Scientist at American Institutes for Research. At the Institute, she was responsible for the development of a concept of using the vocational education program as a means of advancing economic enterprise. This proposal set the standard for economic enterprise development within the vocational education program, which was eventually renamed the highly successful CTE of Career Technical Education Program. The CTE program is one of Rose Academies’ programs that encourage vocational skills development for improved economic income.

Ms. Buchser turned her skills over to the technology industry where she worked as Director of Investor Relations for five different public companies.  During that time, she also served as President of the Silicon Valley Chapter of the National Investor Relations Institute (“NIRI”).  Ms. Buchser received her Bachelor of Arts from Swarthmore College and her Masters of Science from the University of Pennsylvania.

Dr. Rahul Asthana

Rahul Asthana, PhD, Vice President, Rose Academies

Rahul Asthana has years of experience in the field of technology and currently is marketing executive at Intapp, a Silicon Valley software company.  Dr. Asthana not only brings his marketing expertise to Rose Academies, but he also has living experience of the challenges that exist in Sub Saharan low income countries.

Dr. Asthana was born in Ethiopia and grew up in Zambia before coming to the United States for his education at Princeton University and the University of California, Los Angeles.  

Having grown up in Africa, Dr. Asthana has seen first-hand many of the problems Rose Academies addresses with its innovative and determined approach.  He is passionate about Rose Academies’ mission to better the lives of people by empowering with knowledge. 

Dr. Michele Parker

Michele Parker, PhD

Dr. Parker is the Assistant Director of the Public Health Program at Santa Clara University, and an adjunct lecturer. She received her BS in Biochemistry and Cell Biology from the University of California, San Diego and her Ph.D. in Cancer Biology from the University of Arizona. Her research focuses on cross-disciplinary solutions for global health problems and collaborates with teams in the School of Engineering to bring health education, low-cost medical technology, and mental health awareness to marginalized communities in regions of Africa, Southeast Asia, and Latin America.

Kerry Gibson

Kerry Gibson, Director of Disability & Inclusion, Rose Academies

Kerry Gibson is the President of EcoCentury Technologies, a Canadian engineering and consulting firm that promotes clean technologies.  She is also the Vice President of Strategic Partnerships for ZiphyCare and co-founder and Partnerships Manager for N-EAT EAT (Nutrition through Engagement and Agricultural Technologies) under Simon Fraser University’s Faculty of the Environment.

Kerry serves on multiple Boards of Directors, including Rose Academies, the Diversity Advisory Committee for the Joint Task Force of the Canadian Armed Forces and is the President of Municipal party YES Vancouver.

She currently is focused on several collaborations that address the SDG’s both locally and globally using innovative solutions applying a business lens to causation.

She is an acclaimed international speaker having presented at the United Nations and House of Commons. Her efforts to achieve the sustainable development goals in economic development, clean tech innovation, labor rights, diversity and inclusion have led to numerous awards and recognition including: the UN Women Planet 5050 Champion, Global Goodwill Ambassador, Times of Canada Award for Excellence in Innovation, Shakti Award, and the Iranian and Kurdish Women’s Rights Organization’s Honor Award.

Ellena Andoniou

Ellena Andoniou, MSc, MPH, PhD

Dr. Andoniou, Adjunct Assistant Professor at Western University, London, Ontario, Canada, has strong leadership skills, is an exceptional creative thinker and innovative writer that has been responsible for the acquisition of multiple grants at Western University.

Her experience working professionally with leading minds across disciplines and sectors has resulted in the successful development, planning and implementation of multiple in-field projects at the local, national, and global level.

Her skills as a researcher and experience in quantitative and qualitative design are welcomed attributes to the Rose Team.

Aneesha Asthana

Aneesha Asthana, Global Youth Ambassador, Rose Academies

Ms. Asthana is a young scholar that attends Harker Academy in San Jose. She is passionate about social justice and human rights and aspires to make a positive difference in the world. We are very fortunate to have this bright young woman as a part of our marketing team.

Clare Ainomugisha

Clare Ainomugisha, Program Director, Rose Academies-Uganda

Ms. Ainomugisha has over 10 years of customer service, business operations and program management. She has a background in community development and journalism which are keys to her success in working in the field of NGO public relations. 

As Rose Academies-Uganda’s Program Director, she is responsible for program management, public relations, and staff coordination of our educational programs. Under her direction, she has developed our Rose Uganda Fellowship Program into a recognized provider of critical healthcare education.  

She works with high level dignitaries at the government level as well as international working partners. Her experience with the indigenous community is instrumental in programs developed to improve education and healthcare access for the rural populations of Uganda.

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