Rose Uganda Creative Arts Team (RUCAT)

Rose Uganda Creative Arts Team (RUCAT)

It was just an idea that became a reality. Why not develop a creative arts team to handle our media needs? This amazing team has taken the original idea to new heights. Today our RUCAT team is changing the world with their powerful marketing programs. Coming from a youthful perspective, they are able to capture the attention of the younger generation as no other groups can.

During the height of COVID, they successfully developed documentaries on feminine healthcare awareness, NCDs, Jane Mary Series (a look at alcoholism from a youthful perspective), talk shows (alcohol awareness), testimonials, and much more. Due to their continuing efforts, the number of our followers on social media have increased substantially giving recognition to our many programs that are improving the health and welfare of Uganda’s rural poor.

Be sure to follow us as they continue to create: YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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