Rose Uganda Creative Arts Team (RUCAT)

Health Promotion Comes to Life with Music and Dance.

Studies show that over 20% of Ugandan youth drink heavily due to the availability of inexpensive homemade brew and cultural acceptance of alcoholic drinking. When COVID-19 arrived in Africa, the use of drugs and alcohol increased substantially. Travel restrictions, isolation, social distancing, mask mandates and other requirements have made healthcare programs increasingly more difficult to implement.

When approached to develop an awareness campaign on the social ills of substance abuse, we decided to try a different approach. Rose Uganda Creative Arts Team (RUCAT) has experience in capturing the attention of youth with music, dance, and drama. They understand the cultural barriers that exist in Uganda and envision their campaign not only to be educational, but fun and engaging – so that knowledge can be shared and healthy choices can be made.

Proudly displaying our hashtag that says it all.

Music and videos are the tools that will be created, aired either on social media, or performed live in workshops at local schools, churches, and community centers – a unique approach to prevention designed to capture the attention of all those who enjoy music and the arts.

As their campaign develops, stay tuned as they plan to entertain us with their creative talents. Follow us on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


RUCAT will use their artistic skills in music and the arts to create their awareness campaign that specifically targets the younger generation. A huge thank you to AstraZeneca Young Health Programme for your support of this important program.

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