Removing All Doubts

Removing All Doubts

People often ask me “what was the most memorable moment during your last trip to Africa?”  

Without a doubt, I will forever remember when a Deaf teenage girl, who was severely scarred on half of her head, knelt down before me in gratitude to receive two of our volunteer made, washable sanitary pads.

We all have experienced those moments when we doubt that we are traveling on the right path.  Mine came to me after a grueling two weeks of travel in Cameroon and was heading to a remote village in Uganda. My colleagues and I were scheduled to put on a workshop the next day at Agururu Primary School for Deaf students. 

Upon arrival, I immediately noticed the young girl, not so much for her disfigurement, but for the fact that the other Deaf children treated her as an equal.

At the end of the workshop we began to distribute the reusable pads. Immersed in my own thoughts, I was not prepared for this young girl’s gesture of gratitude. Kneeling on the dirty floor, she reached out to accept this simple gift.

It’s at times like these that I am deeply humbled and any doubts are removed. Today, I am grateful for all that I have and for the opportunity to give a young village girl a simple gift so she can handle her menses and stay in school all month long.

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