Feminine Health
It began with a story…

It began with a story…

Over 2 years ago, a visit to a rural village in Uganda to beta test a reproductive health program, set the foundation to a revolutionary healthcare education program.

The beta testing of an application program was a complete success. Why? Because the application program was easy to navigate and featured simple graphics and vocabulary that was easy to understand.

Hedhi Help
Hedhi Help* set the basis for our Easy-to-Learn format of educational materials.

*Hedhi Help is a sexual development application program that was developed by Santa Clara University’s Frugal Innovation Hub.

As a result of that initial trial, we went on to develop a library of healthcare storybooks, thanks to the efforts of students attending Texas A&M School of Public Health; and other application programs with SCU’s Frugal Innovation Labs, implementing the same concept of simple graphics to tell the story. 

YouLearn Academies becomes a resource center of healthcare information for community based educators. 

Be sure to visit our website: https://www.youlearnacademies.org and checkout the free resources of healthcare posters and guides, as well as our Monthly Specials section which gives you free downloads and a sneak peek at our “YouLearn Members Only” healthcare storybooks. 

We hope you will join us in our advocacy to improve healthcare education access for all people, including the most vulnerable and oppressed.  Let’s stop children from dying for lack of healthcare knowledge – let’s provide the educational tools that tell a story and save a life.  We hope you remain safe and well.