Empowering PWDs with Healthcare Knowledge

Empowering PWDs with Healthcare Knowledge

Rose Academies-Uganda and OJ Disability Care Foundation join forces to improve the health and welfare of Soroti’s large population of persons with disabilities.

Soroti, Uganda, November 3, 2020: Rose Academies – Uganda announced today that they have entered into a joint partnership with OJ Disability Care Foundation, signifying a major step forward in bringing an educational program promoting good health and nutrition for persons with disabilities (PWDs) into the Soroti District of Uganda.

Founded in 2018 by Julius Opoi, OJ Disability Care Foundation serves over 5,000 persons with disabilities, inclusive of the blind, deaf, and persons with physical disabilities.

Signing our MOU signifies our commitment to serving the disabled community.

“We appreciate the partnership with Rose Academies because it’s going to build our capacity… and the perception of the community towards persons with disabilities… we all know that health is wealth.  We appreciate this partnership so much and it means a lot to our community of persons with disabilities.” Julius Opoi

This mutually beneficial working partnership will enhance OJ Disability’s current program on HIV/AIDs detection and prevention under a PEPFAR grant that is specifically dedicated to the health and welfare of Soroti’s disabled population. 

Jairus Wanyera, Program Leader, Rose Uganda PWDs Chapter

To address the high rate of malnutrition and poor health in this population, Rose Academies will provide lessons on nutrition, maternal & child health, MHM, family planning and general healthcare. This critically important program will be led by Jairus Wanyera, our new Program Leader of Rose Uganda’s PWDs Chapter. Mr. Wanyera has an extensive background in Computer Science and is a welcome addition to our rapidly growing Rose Uganda Fellowship Program.

Rose Academies – Uganda believes in the power of collaboration and strong partnerships to achieve the common goals of healthy families and thriving communities.

For more information about this program and other Rose Uganda initiatives, please email: info@roseacademies.org.

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