Welcome to Rose

Rose Academies Membership Forum – Where innovation becomes reality in serving the rural poor.

Welcome to Rose Academies Membership Forum:

We are very excited to have you join us. Here is where you will have the opportunity to put your words into action. Our innovations created at Santa Clara University School of Engineering, SCU Frugal Innovation Labs and SCU College of Arts and Sciences have been waiting for you to help make our ideas become realities.

We look forward to your involvement in our program developments as we work together in making positive change in the world.

Deaf girl learns about reproductive health using an Android tablet

Let us know which of the following programs we are developing that you are interested in:

  • Computer literacy for special needs children in Uganda’s public schools using YouLearn Technology, screen readers and speech to text recognition
  • a Fellowship program utilizing technological devices to teach neonatal and reproductive healthcare to young mothers to reduce infant mortality rates
  • Cervical Cancer Diagnostic Program
  • Healthcare for Youth in Uganda’s Public Schools to reduce early marriage and early pregnancies
  • Vocational centers that teach disabled children meaningful employable skills
  • and more…