Innovative Technology

Innovative Technology

Changing the way we teach the rural poor.

In 2018, we began playing with the idea of simplifying our instruction materials specifically for teaching sexual development, puberty, and menstruation in rural communities where we work.

Traditional printed matter has been replaced with technology in many parts of the world, however, when you work in areas that lack reliable energy, network access, and modern conveniences, you need to plan accordingly.

Hedhi Help, a sexual development, reproductive health application program was our first attempt at bringing innovative technology into a rural village. This application program operates on an Android tablet, is easy to navigate, covers sexual development, the menstrual cycle, myths/misconceptions and does not require internet access. The overwhelming success of this program laid the foundation for future apps and program design.

Additional healthcare programs have been, and are being developed by our working partner: SCU Frugal Innovation Labs, keeping the program design consistent with our requirements that all programs must be able to operate in the rural community, should run offline internet, and feature an easy to understand format for the illiterate population.

We are revolutionizing the field of education by introducing innovative technology with easy to understand healthcare information for the oppressed and illiterate population.

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