Empowering With Knowledge

Taking the healthcare classroom into the village.

Since 2014 we have been working in Central and Eastern Africa’s poorest rural communities, teaching women, girls and the disabled about reproductive and neonatal health, nutrition, water & sanitation, and general healthcare.

For generations, rural women, girls and the disabled have been excluded from healthcare educational programs. It’s no surprise that rural communities have the highest number of out of school girls, early pregnancies and deaths of infants and children.

Our mission is to close the gaps that prevent vulnerable and oppressed from accessing healthcare information. We want to see that millions of children live beyond 5 years of life; that children are spared of preventable disabling diseases or that a mother learns that proper healthcare means the difference of her infant living or dying beyond 28 days of life. Our goal is to empower the rural poor with healthcare knowledge so that communities will thrive and children will live.

Girls learn about sexual development using Hedhi Help application program.

Our Impact

We offer sustainable solutions by bringing the classroom to the villagers, teaching self-sufficiency and building self-esteem while transforming the impoverished, illiterate and neglected to become significant contributors to society.

“Thousands upon thousands of lives are being changed everyday when we share the gift of knowledge. Every human being deserves to have an education, and we are making sure that it happens.

Susan Stasi, CEO, Rose Academies

Rose Academies is a non-profit charitable organization, #47-1655454.
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In Special Consultative Status with United Nations Economic and Social Council