Team Rose

We work with NGOs that are dedicated to the empowerment of the oppressed and vulnerable. We are extremely proud of those individuals who are on the ground and facing multiple challenges, yet continue to improve life for the populations we serve.


CERSOM - Centre d'Education et de Rehabilitation des Sourds et Malentendants (Center for the Rehabilitation of the Deaf & Hard of Hearing) is located in Bafoussam, Cameroon. The school gives Deaf children the opportunity to learn academics as well as French sign language. Their efforts have helped hundreds of Deaf children over the years.

Democratic Republic of Congo

COFAPRI - Congolese Females Action for Promoting Rights and Development

Mugisho Ndabuli founded COFAPRI in 2009 and has continuously worked with survivors of rape and abuse to improve their lives. COFAPRI teaches women reading and writing, economic empowerment, agriculture and animal husbandry. We are delighted to have Mugisho join us in our efforts to educate and empower oppressed women and youth.





Good Shepherd Primary School and Katwadde Vocational Centre

John Ssentamu is the Education Coordinator of Good Shepherd Primary School and Katwadde Vocational Centre in Katwadde, Uganda. John was instrumental in the development of the primary school and strongly believes in the education of all children. Dedicated to serving the impoverished, John is an exemplary leader in the field of education.


Kyambogo University, Kampala, Uganda

We have developed a computer literacy program that will be implemented in those schools with special needs departments. We anticipate program commencement in 2019.

Learn more about our computer literacy program.