Rose Academies works in the rural communities in Central and Eastern Africa, collaborating with other NGOs to teach women and children about their rights, menstrual health & hygiene, sexual development, as well as other educational programs designed to improve life for these oppressed individuals.

Our work takes us into impoverished, rural communities that lack the simple conveniences of safe water access, electricity, toilets, sanitation and healthcare services. We know that change will not occur until the illiterate are educated with basic life skills. Our primary objective is to remove those barriers that keep vulnerable and oppressed youth out of school, to educate the illiterate and to provide equal access to education for all children so they can ultimately reach their full potential in life.

We are advocates of the Deaf and disabled and provide educational materials, trainings, and financial support to those institutions that have programs in place.


This year we purchased 3 sewing machines for CERSOM, School for the Deaf, located in Bafoussam, Cameroon. We believe that vocational skills development is extremely important for children with special needs. One of CERSOM's students, Ornella, was very excited as she learned how to use an electric sewing machine for the first time.