Educational Programs for Women and Girls

We work in rural communities in Central and Eastern Africa teaching women and girls about their human rights, menstrual hygiene, and sexual development. We hold workshops where we teach how to make washable sanitary pads so that women may be self sufficient. We offer a sustainable solution that can be carried on to the next generation.

Women's Center

Our Women's Center is located in Tiko, Cameroon and is managed by HOVO staff. Center activities include workshops on menstrual hygiene management and enterprise development.

Refurbished Laptop Program

We have initiated a refurbished laptop program for implementation in Uganda. Working with the Special Education Department at Kyambogo University, the refurbished laptops will be a part of a new computer literacy program for Uganda's Deaf and disabled. If you have a laptop you would like to donate, please contact All inkind donations are tax deductible.

Sponsorship Program

We are partnered with CERSOM School for the Deaf, that has approximately 100 students. Students are taught French sign language, academics and vocational skills.

Our sponsorship program provides the opportunity to make a difference in these children's lives. Coming from extremely poor families, sponsorship pays for a child's tuition, food, uniform and materials. We are grateful to those who have sponsored these children so they can remain in school and have a better future.


Gender Clubs

One of our programs for youth include the development of Gender Clubs at the high schools. Studies show that gender clubs are a means of reducing the number of out of school children by providing youth the opportunity to have open discussions, peer to peer mentoring, and promotes team building and leadership. We have successfully developed clubs throughout Cameroon and into Uganda.

We're moving ahead and changing lives. Won't you join us? Your donation will help us to continue in our efforts to make life better for the vulnerable and oppressed.