Educational Programs for Women and Girls

In 2013, the idea of establishing education programs for impoverished girls and deaf children in the Sub Sahara was a dream that seemed out of reach.

But that dream has now become a reality. We are working in Cameroon where we teach women and girls in the rural communities about their human rights, menstrual hygiene, and female development. Our educational programs extend into the labor and refugee camps, where we not only supply washable sanitary pads, we teach the women how to make their own. Our main objective is to offer a sustainable solution that can be carried on to the next generation.

Our LifeSkills Program is designed to empower girls with knowledge, to improve self-confidence and self-worth, and to develop skills that will lead to self-sufficiency. Our goal is achieve gender equity in all disciplines and quality education for all so that girls and Deaf children can reach their full potential in life.

Vocational Skills Classes are Enjoyed by Local Women

Our vocational center for women is located in Tiko outside of Buea. Under the management of HOVO, we provide workshops on puberty development, life skills, and menstrual hygiene management. Production classes teach beadwork, sewing, and enterprise development.


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Sponsorship Program

We are partnered with CERSOM School for the Deaf, that has approximately 100 students. Students are taught French sign language, academics and vocational skills.

Our sponsorship program provides the opportunity to make a difference in these children's lives. Coming from extremely poor families, sponsorship pays for a child's tuition, food, uniform, lodging and materials. Since our program began last year, we now have 4 children that are being sponsored. We are very grateful for all your support.

Manuela celebrates the news of her sponsorship with her friends.

Gender Clubs

One of our programs for youth include the development of Gender Clubs at the high schools. Studies show that gender clubs are a means of reducing the number of out of school children by providing youth the opportunity to have open discussions, peer to peer mentoring, and promotes team building and leadership.

Working with our team member, HOVO, we have established a number of clubs throughout Cameroon. In May of this year, we have initiated a new club in Uganda. Welcome to The Good Shepherd school in Katwadde, Uganda and headmaster: Mr John Ssentamu. We look forward to working with you.

Girls choose STEM as a career choice

Our team member, Ms. Ngassa, is a STEM advocate and technical educator with over 10 years of teaching technology. She is the founder of CYEED (Center for Youth Education and Economic Development) in Bamenda, where she trains girls on application design and development, HTML/website building, Microsoft application software and more. This year we had 2 highly successful graphic design training workshops that inspired 50 girls to continue studying technology.