Who We Are

Saving Lives With Education

Rose Academies was founded in 2014 on the principles of social justice, human rights and education as the basis for positive change.

We are advocates of the Sustainable Development Goals that were developed to bring equity in policies and programs to benefit all people in the world regardless of religious beliefs, ethnicity, gender, or abilities. We are proud of our commitment to educate the illiterate, to support the disabled and to close the gap to healthcare access.

Who are we? We are educators. We empower with knowledge so that communities will thrive and children will live.

Teaching Neonatal Health to Young Mothers

Until underserved populations have equal access to education, healthcare programs and employment opportunities, they will remain illiterate, susceptable to disease, targets of abuse and violence and destined to live a life of extreme poverty. A measurement of our success is based on the lives we have changed. 

52.2 Million Reasons Why We Empower

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