The Power of Collaboration

Our working partners are the basis of all our programs in development. It is an honor and privilege to work with these outstanding institutions.

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Rose Academies has been working with Texas A&M for several years in the development of disease prevention storybooks. These storybooks are created with simple graphics and vocabulary so that uneducated rural community members can learn about the severity of untreated diseases.

Last year we began a literature review with a team from Texas A&M that is researching on the high prevalence of hearing loss in the Sub Sahara. We plan to conduct an initial survey by late Spring of 2020 which will be incorporated into the research study.

Santa Clara University has been instrumental in the development of our healthcare applications and micro finance. Beginning with Hedhi Help, a reproductive health application program, our programs have grown to include disease prevention applications, software driver program for the Raspberry Pi educational system, neonatal health and cervical cancer.

We are very grateful for all the support we have been given by the staff of Frugal Innovation Labs, SCU Engineering and SCU College of Arts and Sciences.

California School for the Deaf (CSD) is our latest partnership. We will be developing an impact video that features the successes of CSD’s years of educating Deaf youth to be upstanding citizens in the community. This video will be implemented in our awareness campaign in Uganda to remove the stigmas associated with disabilities, primarily in children. We hope to change negative cultural behaviors that have traditionally rejected these children as worthless human beings.