Rose Webinar Series

October 7, 2020

#3 Webinar: 9:00AM, Pacific Time

Topic: Education of our Children During COVID19

We thought we had our education programs well adjusted to meet the needs of all students, then COVID19 came to town. Now, we are being faced with the realities of socio-economic inequities throughout the educational systems around the world. How can we meet the needs of all children, notwithstanding the severe differences in economic status? Is it time to reform our education system so that all children are able to get the education they need?

Hear our expert panelists share their experiences in this field and their recommendations for addressing this unsuspected crisis as we move forward into a new normal for our children’s education and well being.

December 9, 2020

#5 Webinar: 9:00AM, Pacific Time

Topic: Creative Arts Sends Strong Message to Youth


Every 16 minutes video…

November 11, 2020

#4 Webinar: 9:00AM, Pacific Time

Topic: How do we change the dynamics of exclusion to inclusion?


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