Every 16 minutes a Ugandan baby dies before they reach 28 days of life

This startling fact was the spark that initiated the development of our neonatal health and fellowship programs.

Rose Uganda Fellowship Program was created to give Ugandan youth career skills as a community leader and public health educator using our easy to understand healthcare lessons.

Since we began our program, hundreds of pregnant girls have learned about the importance of neonatal healthcare and nutrition for improved delivery outcomes. New mothers are learning how to feed and care for their infants, which results in happier and healthier families.

Our primary objective is to reduce the staggering number of neonatal deaths so that babies live beyond 28 days of life.

Join our list of sponsors and help save a life!

Meet our Fellows and discover why we are so proud of them.

As we are a 501(c)3 charitable organization, all sponsorship programs are tax deductible. FEIN 47-1655454.

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The Legacy Program sponsors 5 young adults in our Rose Uganda Fellowship Program. Our fellows work in local clinics alongside of clinicians teaching new mothers how to feed and care for their infants. Our lessons stress the importance of diet and nutrition to keep mothers and babies strong and healthy.

The Platinum Program sponsors 3 Rose Uganda Fellows that work in local clinics during their 6 month tenure.

Your support will provide us with the funds to bring our neonatal trainings into remote villages, serving over 100 women and their families. Our program has grown to include vegetable gardening which stresses the need to include greens in a daily diet.

The Gold Program sponsors 2 Rose Uganda Fellows for our 6 month program. Each fellow is responsible for their assigned local clinics. They work with volunteers to make sure that mothers keep up to date on their appointments.

We are extremely fortunate to have a Certified Nutritionist on our staff. His contribution to our programming on nutrition is extremely valuable, assuring that families receive appropriate guidance on local foods that fulfill daily nutritional needs for healthier lives.

The Silver Program sponsors 1 Rose Uganda Fellow for a 6 month program. Each fellow provides workshop trainings on neonatal, reproductive healthcare and nutritional guidance. Our reusable pad production workshop is a sustainable solution for the impoverished rural woman that cannot afford disposable pads.

Since 2014, we have been teaching 1,000’s of women and youth how to make reusable pads so that girls will stay in school and mothers can menstruate with dignity.

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