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Sharing Knowledge / Saving Lives

What does it mean to be a fellow?

Our fellowship is a group of young Ugandan adults that are dedicated and commited to improving healthcare access for the rural poor. Our team of fellows work in 3 major districts within Uganda: Buikwe, Kanungu and Wakiso. They bring healthcare and nutrition knowledge to village women that are struggling to care for their infants.

Our fellowship program is beneficial in multiple ways: 1) we provide support to overworked clinical staff, 2) teach women neonatal health for improved care of their infants, 3) provide workshops on menstrual health & hygiene and how to make reusable pads, 4) give classes on nutrition as well as vegetable gardening to reduce malnutrition, 5) improve education access by taking the classroom into the village and 6) we empower young adults to become community leaders.

Your contribution, no matter how much, will help us to continue bringing healthcare information to the impoverished, oppressed rural poor in Uganda. As we are a 501(c)3 charitable organization, your contribution is tax deductible. We are extremely grateful for your financial support.

#SharingKnowledge #SavingLives

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