Rose Uganda Team

Saving lives by sharing the gift of knowledge

Our Rose Uganda Fellowship Program is a unique program that provides young Ugandan adults the opportunity to develop career skills in healthcare and education. Since our fellowship program’s inception, we have expanded our outreach into 4 Ugandan districts and are serving thousands of villagers with workshops on family health, WASH, agriculture, and nutrition.

Rose Uganda Fellows are committed to improving the health and wellness of the rural poor.

Pregnant women and new mothers are taught how to feed and care for their infants so that they live beyond 28 days of life.

As many mothers struggle to effectively breastfeed their infants, we provide trainings to teach them the proper way to hold and nurse their child.

Fund A Fellow – a campaign to save babies’ lives.

Malnutrition is taking the lives of children everyday. Our workshops focus on nutrition and WASH in an effort to reduce these preventable deaths.

Fund A Fellow and start saving lives today! Find out more.

Every 16 minutes a Ugandan baby dies….

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