Breaking Barriers – Improving Access to Services

Our team in Gweri Sub County has just acquired a new name that corresponds to their efforts in teaching career skills: RUCET or Rose Uganda Career Education Team is moving forward in a big way. By the end of this month we will have a new office in Gweri where we plan to begin teaching career skills.

Thanks to the enthusiastic leadership of Mr. Simon Atodu our chapter has grown substantially to include 22 groups comprised of 2-3 villages each. Each group has taken ownership of our trainings and are now earning a small income that helps the families in their communities.

People ask if our programs are working…. What do you think?

We bring the supplies to the village and teach. Our workshops are teaching villagers how to improve their nutrition by fortifying porridge, the importance of hygiene and sanitation to keep children healthy, neonatal healthcare and much, much more.

Reusable Pads – the Sustainable Solution for Menstruating Women and Girls.

One of our most popular workshops is how to make reusable pads. All our workshops are inclusive, meaning that men and boys are always welcome. Here you can see that the men are also proud to learn a new skill.

Proud display of achievements after participating in our reusable pad workshop

Sometimes you just have to start teaching under a tree!

Accessibility is a huge challenge for many of our disabled friends. In order to be inclusive of all persons, we decided to take the classroom outside to accommodate everyone.

The topic today was family planning. Everyone was engaged and brought a round of chuckles and giggles when everyone was asked to participate and demonstrate how to use a condom.

Our workshops sometimes bring out the giggles.

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