International Internship Program

International Internship Program

Field Experience in Uganda?

Next spring, 2023, why not work on your graduate practicum experience in the “Pearl of Africa” (Uganda)?   

Work alongside the Rose Uganda Fellows as you take your program ideas and turn them into reality. This is an opportunity to get real life experience in an exceptional Sub Saharan country.

Your two week stay will be filled with activities as you will travel during the day with the Rose Uganda Team to different locations in South Central Uganda where we are established.  

You will experience firsthand what life is like in rural Africa and witness the challenges the population faces on a daily basis.

You will go to villages located near Lake Victoria where fishing is their means of income You will see how the villagers spread thousands of tiny fish on the ground to dry that becomes a source of protein.

Each day will take you to another region where lifestyles differ according to the landscape and available resources.  Cacao, coffee, tea, bananas, papayas and much more are abundant in the areas that you will visit.

Working with the Rose Uganda Team, you will have the opportunity to collect data for statistical analysis, participate in workshops, meet our beneficiaries and discover what community based programs are all about.

We often teach with tablets.

Your participation in our workshops will give you the kind of experience you will never get in a classroom. 

If you are interested in this unique opportunity, please contact us as soon as possible to register. Click here for more information about this exciting study abroad program.

Teaching neonatal health in a village

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