Teaching the Rural Poor

Our commitment to educate the oppressed and illiterate takes us into remote, rural villages of Eastern Africa that lack modern conveniences of safe water, sanitation, and clean energy.  

Our programs are focused on feminine healthcare for a reason. Girls are raised to believe their role in life is to become a mother when she begins to menstruate. At that time, she will drop out of school, marry and begin to have babies.

We teach girls of all ages about the importance of getting an education, the dangers of early pregnancy and promote the concept of vocational skills and career development.

Sustainable Solutions

Over the years, thousands of women and youth have learned how to be self-sufficient by learning how to make their own reusable pads. We don’t sell pads; we don’t supply disposable pads that add to the pollution; rather we teach sustainable solutions.

Our ongoing relationship with multiple working partners supports and reinforces our commitment to provide equal access to education, healthcare services, and employment opportunities for all persons regardless of their ethnicities, religious beliefs, gender or abilities.

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