Inspiring Youth to Pursue a Career

Inspiring Youth to Pursue a Career

100+ Million children are out of school

Regardless of what you may believe, it’s not just girls that drop out of Sub Saharan schools, but out of 100+ million out of school children, almost 50% of them are boys. Why?

Generations of out of date teaching methods, misguided information about the value of an education, embedded cultural traditions and extreme poverty are all contributors to the phenomenon of an uneducated rural population.

Mass migration into urban areas. Africa has the largest youth population and is steadily increasing. Youth are dropping out of school at an alarming rate and are heading to urban areas in search of tech jobs. These youth lack skills and knowledge, are adding to the urban slums, increase of disease, crime and are easily radicalized by terrorist groups.

Introducing a unique internship program

To address this problem, while providing a means of supporting already overburdened educators and healthcare workers, we developed the Rose Uganda Fellowship Program which is performing beyond all expectations. Our first group of fellows are now established in 3 regions of Uganda: Kanungu, Wakiso and Buikwe and are educating hundreds of pregnant girls and young mothers about healthcare and nutrition.

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