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Sharing Knowledge / Saving Lives

Teaching mothers how to fortify porridge for healthier babies

What does it mean to be a fellow?

Our fellows are not only teachers, they are community leaders, researchers, technicians, and much, much more.

Each of our fellows are assigned to a district within Uganda and have a certain number of Beneficiaries that they teach about healthcare and nutrition at several local clinics. Our fellows are interns that receive a small stipend for their 6 month tenure. Our fellowship is growing as we extend our outreach throughout Southern Uganda and now into Central Uganda with our partnership with OJ Disability Care Foundation.

We need your help as we grow our program to bring healthcare knowledge into remote, rural areas. Malnutrition is killing infants and the numbers are on the rise. Our lessons are presented in an easy to understand format and taught by our fellows that speak the local dialect.

Your contribution, no matter how much, will help us to continue bringing healthcare information to the impoverished, oppressed rural poor in Uganda. As we are a 501(c)3 charitable organization, your contribution is tax deductible. We are extremely grateful for your financial support.

#SharingKnowledge #SavingLives

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