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Saving Lives with Education

Saving Lives with Education

A revolutionary and comprehensive neonatal healthcare program is saving lives.

Kanungu, Uganda, September 14, 2020: Rose Academies – Uganda today announced the signing of an agreement with the District Health Offices in Kanungu to provide pregnant women and new mothers with our comprehensive healthcare program.

Our objectives are to reduce the high number of neonatal deaths that are currently taking a Ugandan infant’s life every 16 minutes. These innocent children’s lives can be saved by educating mothers and family members about the importance of diet, hygiene, sanitation, disease prevention and life styles.

We are confident in the delivery of our health programs that are a combination of materials developed by health professionals working with USAID, UNICEF, World Health Organization and Ministry of Health-Uganda, as well as our partners at Santa Clara University and Texas A&M School of Public Health.  All of our lessons are presented in an easy to understand format that improves understanding and encourages positive behavior change.

Many times health programs fail to address the importance of nutrition, diet and life styles on the growth of the developing infant.  We address all aspects of health awareness so that the pregnant woman will not only work to improve her own health for better delivery outcomes, but that of her entire family.

Rose Academies – Uganda believes in the power of education and looks forward to fulfilling this commitment to serve the Kanungu Region with quality healthcare educational programs that will ultimately save lives of innocent children. 

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