Don’t be fooled! Get the Facts!

Don’t be fooled! Get the Facts!


In today’s global pandemic, myths, mistruths and misinformation are running rampant. People around the world are frightened and are desperate for information about COVID19 and what it means to their loved ones and themselves.

The truth is we are all afraid. This pandemic is something that none of us has ever experienced in our lives, and hopefully will never see again.

At Rose Academies, we believe in the empowerment of knowledge. Not mistruths. Not false information, but the truth. When we are looking for answers to this pandemic or other situations that we don’t understand, we go to those who are the professionals in the field-scientists, medical practitioners, and researchers that have dedicated their lives to studying and finding answers to such events that are affecting the world with devastating consequences.     

We value the work that is being done by those professionals at World Health Organization that have been working on disease prevention for over 72 years.

We hope you will also look to those who are working for the betterment of mankind. For those of you who use WhatsApp, or would like to, World Health Organization has created an information portal that gives current information and answers to many of those questions you might have at WhatsApp:

We pray that this pandemic passes soon so that we can return to our daily activities. However, we also hope that there are lessons learned from this global crisis. We pray that each of us is more compassionate and understanding of our fellows; that hate, greed and violence are wiped away with the passing of this horrific and deadly disease; and that we live in harmony with our neighbors, giving and sharing as we spend a very short time on our planet earth.

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