Pregnancy & Delivery

By Claire Heigl Maza, Texas A&M

In developing my booklet, several topics came to mind. The obvious one was the topic of social determinants of health and thinking about how many different factors play into one’s health particularly in a woman’s pregnancy/delivery. Things like genetics and whether the woman had pre-existing medical conditions or was prone to certain birth related complications.

Another huge one was education because how much a woman knows about pregnancy and the birthing process, the better they will take care of their bodies and be aware of what will affect themselves and their fetus. Another social determinant that plays a huge role is the environment which brings me to the next topic essential to this project regarding rural vs. urban communities.

Rural communities are obviously not as fortunate as urban communities in regards to food, water, transportation, etc. However, all the information given to urban communities is equally as important in the rural communities it just may be applied slightly differently.

I was very much aware of the lack of knowledge in regards to delivering a baby because that information is still lacking in the United States. In Africa, the situation is different because there just aren’t the means to acquire this information via the internet while in the United States the issue lies in there being TOO much information that can lead to false information being spread. I’ve heard several times by mothers that you never really know what happens during pregnancy and with birth until it’s actually happening to you. This makes sense, but I feel that having a lot of this information prior to giving birth could help lower infant/maternal mortality and lead to safer pregnancies.

I really enjoyed this experience because it helped me learn about all these precautions in regards to pregnancy and giving birth that one day will apply to me! I also feel a sense of fulfilment in knowing that this is a project that will educate so many women to hopefully be able to take care of themselves, their infants, and their pregnancies SO much better than before they had this knowledge as well as be able to know what is coming when it is finally time to give birth.

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