Our Deaf Friends at CERSOM

A mighty welcome

Meeting the sponsored students at CERSOM was an emotional experience. These children are extremely grateful that someone cares enough about them to pay their tuition and fees so that they can continue their studies at this special school for the Deaf.

Sponsor a Deaf Student

We are very excited to have a sponsorship program for those Deaf children who are financially unable to pay for their tuition and school fees. Your support will help keep them in school.

Little Nadine is a delightful child that has health problems and comes from a very impoverished family. It was such a pleasure to give her the letter from her sponsor and to tell her that she is loved.



Education is the means to change a life.

In Cameroon, and throughout most of the Sub Sahara, deaf children are isolated, abused, and considered a burden to the family. As our mission to educate impoverished children includes the deaf, we feel very fortunate to have partnered with CERSOM School for the Deaf, which is located in Bafoussam. CERSOM is a residential school and has approximately 100 students. They are taught French sign language, academics and vocational skills.

We have selected 10 children that are in the most need of your help to continue in their studies. Your sponsorship pays for tuition, uniform, and materials for the student to attend CERSOM. From Rose Academies staff and the entire school at CERSOM, we are eternally grateful for your support.

Meet our special kids:

1. Nelly Christelle Souangfo, F, 8 years old

2. Alane Tchinda, M, 5 years old

3. Anne Tepi, F, 4 years old

4. Prince Tiotsop, M, 4 years old

5. Désiré Nanfack, M, 5 years old

6. Junie Donkoo, F, 9 years old

7. Baurel Nematoum, M, 10 years old

8. Hurick Ngonda, M, 12 years old

9. Gladys Foute, F, 13 years old

10. Manuella Touboum, F, 17 years old



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